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Area Activities

Prince Rupert has so much more to offer then just a jumping off point for ferries and trains. Of course you the savvy traveler have already got a pretty good idea of what you might like to do while visiting Prince Rupert, but below are a few suggestions you may not have thought of!

Sample Itinerary:

Day 1: Explore Prince Rupert

Head down into Cow Bay where you can grab a fresh coffee, muffin and local gossip at one of the coffee shops. Next take a walk along the Cow Bay strip to window shop all the boutique stores – be sure to pop into the Artist’s co-op to see what the local Artisans are producing by hand.

Head North along the waterfront to Rushbrooke floats where you can follow an old abandoned set of train tracks along the waterfront out to Seal Cove Seaplane base – if your budget allows, there are companies offering flight seeing tours of the area.

Take advantage of the special deals offered for HI members at the following: Cowpaccino Coffee Shop, Dolly’s Fish Market, Opa Sushi and Seahorse Trading Café for 10% discount.



Day 2: Wildlife Viewing Tour

Up early today so you can catch the Wildlife viewing tours to see Grizzly Bears or Humpback Whales. This will fill most of your day- and offers a beautiful tour past a manned lighthouse and a colony of Sea lions. Save 10% with HI members at Adventure Tours and Eco Tours for Oval Bay.

Take a self-guided walking tour of Prince Rupert where you can see all the totem poles carved by local artisans. There are a number of heritage buildings in town that are unique too – did you know Prince Rupert has 1 of only 2 buildings in all of BC of the Art Deco Influence? Can you spot it?

Day 3: Cultural and Historical Exploration

Visit the amazing art-gallery Museum of Northern BC. You can also visit the Fire-hall Museum right up the street, and the Kwinitsa Rail Way Museum on the waterfront. Then jump onto the public transit right in front of the museum to head out to the North Pacific Cannery Museum.

The old machinery still automates, and the tour guides at the museum are awesome. On the way back to Prince Rupert, jump out at the Butze Reversing Tidal Rapids Trail to meander through the rainforest trails and explore the beach to look for baby crabs. This 5KM trail is not to be missed, and is a wonderful walk for children and the elderly as well.

Day 4: Metlakatla Wilderness Trail

This is the day you’ve saved all your energy for – today you are taking the local ferry across to the First Nation Village of Metlakatla. From here you will enter into one of the most amazing trails on the North Coast of BC.

Finished in the winter of 2011, this 10KM one-way hike offers stunning trails along the waterfront and beaches along the Pacific Ocean. With hanging suspension bridges and viewing platforms, you get some amazing scenery that is jaw dropping.

You may not even realize you are walking beside a former village site thousands of years old. Bring a lunch and your wet weather gear in case of changes in the weather!

Day 5: Kayak Guided or Self-guided Tour

Through pristine and calm waters, this is a Kayak tour that is safe for anybody. Maybe you’ll be one of the fortunate travelers who spots a coastal wolf on the beach as you slowly paddle past, or watch the otters playing nearby. As crazy and unromantic as this sounds, head out to the local city garbage dump – yes the dump!

Here there are dozens of eagles flying and playing in the trees, or just sitting on a nearby ledge practically begging to have a photo taken. There are more trails, and activities available if you need more ideas – ask our staff to suggest their favorites!